Brad Questions 003: Morgan Julian

Brad has some Questions for Morgan Julian, a stand up comic in the Baltimore area. They talk about Morgan’s approach to touchy subject material, his relationship with the audience, and cursing without actually cursing.

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Episode 52: RJ Jackson

This week I talk to Baltimore-based stand up comic RJ Jackson about his first gig at an Applebee’s in Philadelphia, making crowds uncomfortable, the psychology of comedians and how Key and Peele are creating some of the best absurdist comedy ever.

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Episode 21: Park Rock Stars


This week, I wrap up the “Rock Star” treatment bands were given at park rock fest and go into excruciating detail about the writing timeline of the new Heavyweights record.



Heavyweights: Keep Your Friends Close

Another review for my new record!

Golden Mixtape

heavyweights-keep-your-friends-closeJust when I think I’ve caught up – a pile of crap is unloaded on my head. I can smell it seeping in and I’m not a happy camper. The only good part about today is that I have a coffee date later and this Heavyweights’ record. You gotta love some pop punk tossed into your otherwise shitty day. So let’s less about me and more about Keep Your Friends Close.

At first I thought I was in for some bro-rock because “It’s Not Pretty, But It’s Us” definitely reminded me of that one Unwritten Law song that wants you to follow some sort of leader. Then the pop punk kicked in and never went away. You had relationship tales in the best of the bunch “Bonfire” and one that came pretty close, “Anna Marie.” I have to give a shout out to Mike Hayden for doing his thing…

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Episode 20: Breaks Ups and Thunderstorms



This week Eric talks about bands breaking up and mourns On My Honor. Also, tales from Park Rock Fest and hangs with Survay Says and Count to Four.


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Episode 19 Ashley Cadwallader Controversy, Most Valuable Bandmember, And How To Release A Record

Eric gives his take on the Smalls/Ashley Cadwallader controversy, discusses the importance of certain band members over others, and gives a walkthrough for how your local band should build up to their album release.

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Episode 18: Best Show Ever, Fall Out Boy As An Adult, And Shit Talking Podcasters


Eric talks to himself this week about seeing multiple dates of the Monumentour with Fall Out Boy and Paramore, podcasters shitting on music because it’s fashionable, and playing a fantastic show with his band Heavyweights- along with Smalls and On My Honor. Also, he shares a story about an opening band talking shit about Heavyweights during their set. Gasp.

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