Brad Questions 004: Jeff Howard

Brad has some Questions for Jeff Howard, a stand-up comic performing in New York City. They talk about networking in the comedy world, performing for international tourists, and their love of Jerry Seinfeld.

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Brad Questions 002 – Matt Serniak

This week I had some questions for Matt Serniak. We talk about the struggles of his last name, the rush he gets from being on stage, and our shared love for SNL.

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Brad Questions 001: Eric Navarro

In the inaugural episode of Brad Questions, Eric Navarro talks about obsessing over comedians, applying his psychology background to them, and starting his own podcast.

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Episode 72: BFF’s Volume 7

This week I sat down with Brad Hartland, Ryan Sweeney, Rob Banks, and Dan Ciarrocchi. We talk social politics, the reasons why musicians are horrible people, hipster fantasy football players, I ask Brad what he’s doing with his life, and we institute a policy where anytime someone wants to insult Ryan they have to compliment him instead.

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Episode 71: Sergio Marzitelli, Doug Max, Erwin Portillo, and Naval Officer Pat

This week I hosted stand up comics Sergio Marzitelli, Doug Max, Erwin Portillo (sort of), and non-comic Naval Officer Pat.

We talk hack-jokes and developing a unique voice, the importance of honesty in art, Pat talks about capturing Somali pirates and getting engaged, Doug lectures me on my hosting skills and tells a classic dog ejaculation story, Sergio talks about his woes being single, I tell everyone how to solve all your relationship problems, and Erwin’s mic didn’t work but he managed to get many offensive jokes on the air by texting them to me to read for him.

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Episode 69: Ellen Stachowicz

In this episode I talk with Michigan comic Ellen Stachowicz about improve, stand up, and the comedy scene at large.

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Episode 68: Rob Banks

In this episode I spoke with LA comic Rob Banks about doing open mics in LA, growing up on a farm, cocky feature comics, working as a background actor, and he educates me about getting “belligerent” at country concerts.

He also tells me about when he moved to LA and lived in the dining room of a house with 12 guys including a meth addict who lived in the closet and was somehow able to talk a girl into staying the night once.
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