Brad Questions 001: Eric Navarro

In the inaugural episode of Brad Questions, Eric Navarro talks about obsessing over comedians, applying his psychology background to them, and starting his own podcast.

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Episode 16: Fighting Security Guards and Almost Famous Friends

Another solo Eric podcast! Eric talks about his trip to Boston, Parker Cannon’s fighting incident, Mike Hayden’s (of Count to Four) trip to Baltimore, seeing live stand up, and more!

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Episode 14: Recording Studios, Psychology, and Why I’m A Sociopath


This week I talk to myself for this special bonus podcast. I tell tales from the studio, explain why my friends think I’m a sociopath, and I talk psychology a little for the first time on the podcast. Also within- I burn bridges by accident probably.


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Episode 13: 3PM

This week Eric catches up with Brandon from 3PM after 6 months of not speaking. Only because they hadn’t seen each other. Stop trying to make drama!

Anyway our bands started at roughly the same time and have taken two very different paths. While we talked songwriting and band promotion, we mostly shared stories from the last few years and looked back on where we each started.
Catch 3PM opening for All Time Low next month (jealous?) and buy a ticket to their CD release show on July 27th at Baltimore Soundstage.

Episode 12: Seth from Young Poet


This week Eric talks with Seth from Young Poet. Does it help at all when I post the topics of discussion or do you just check to see if you know the band and decide?


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Episode 11: Mindful Self Indulgence


This week Eric talks jocks, rock, and co- 6 month planning for bands. Also covered: scene politics, sucking at little league, and philosophies regarding lyric writing.


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Episode 6: Este Carela from Proving Grounds

This week, Eric sits down with Este Carela- singer of Baltimore pop punk band Proving Grounds- to discuss their upcoming full length, fights breaking out at shows (between 30 year old punks and tween girls), lingering punk rock guilt, and bullying. Eric also shares a story that makes him look petty and jealous. So… nothing new here. Enjoy!



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