Episode 81: Wapred Tour Recap

This solo episode recaps my experience playing Warped Tour for the first time. To give the full spectrum of my experience, I recorded it in 3 segments- expectations from the night before, my thoughts immediately after leaving the venue, and some perspective and closure on the following night.


Episode 58: BFF’s Volume 3

This week is another installment of my BFF series. I’m joined by Naval Officer Pat, Ryan Sweeney, Nelson Ticas from A Place in Time, and newly certified therapist Jeff Taulbee. I talk about my growing (but still laughably small) listenership, Nelson and I talk very openly about what goes on behind the scenes at local shows and about being pop punk hipsters, Ryan reveals himself as the world’s first yuppy-lumberjack, Jeff talks about working in a psych ward in the inner city, Pat finally admits that I legally own part of his tooth, and we play a game where I say pop punk band names and watch Ryan get unreasonably angry about it.

Oh and we all tell our first kiss stories…

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Episode 57: Sideshow Cinema

This week, I talk to Nelson and Sean from Sideshow Cinema. Nelson is a frequent guest on the podcast and also plays drums in A Place in Time. We talk hip hop, talk shop about lyrics, me and Nelson’s ambiguous ethnicities, how to “properly” play bass, and Nelson and I share a story about drinking with maniacs at our last A Place in Time/Heavyweights show.

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Episode 35: Lyle Drescher

This week I talk to Baltimore comedian Lyle Drescher about comedy, life as a 17 year old open mic-er, communities on Reddit, and how he went from filming bands to doing stand up.

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Episode 33: Dan Ciarrocchi

Dan Ciarrocchi, the former bassist and songwriter for the band Dropout Year and current fantasy football analyst, just won “Newcomer of the year” at this year’s Fantasy Sports Writer’s Association. On his first (and last) stop of his worldwide press tour, he sat down with me over Google Hangouts and told stories of his past as a semi-famous pop punk bassist and let me pick his brain about what it’s like to do fantasy sports for a living.
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Episode 32: Lincoln Ryan

This week (well, months ago actually) I talk to Lincoln Ryan, record label co-owner, comp maker, and fellow Babetalk panelist about having professional musician fathers, living on both coasts, and all sorts of other stuff that I totally forgot when we recorded this months ago. Enjoy!

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Episode 31 My Year As A Ghost ( Dad)

This week I recap what was the longest year of my life, how I’m preparing for fatherhood, and how I lost my sense of self and am trying to piece it all back together.

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