Episode 79: Sergio Marzitelli, Matt Serniak, Brad Hartland, And Ryan Sweeney

In this episode, I hang with Sergio Marzitelli, Matt Serniak, Brad Hartland, and Ryan Sweeney. We share stories of Hell gigs and bombing, discuss Kanye West, and Ryan lands a joke that absolutely crushes me. #rekt (or something).

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Episode 53: BFF’s Volume 2

This week Brad, Ryan, and I find out that Ryan is an elitist music hipster, we declare how colleges are terrible at setting up concerts, we discuss theories on why pop music is improving, we debate how to react when an artist you love turns out to be an asshole, and we dissect the true meaning behind Nate Dogg’s intro to “Ain’t No Fun” by Snoop Dogg.

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