Episode 81: Wapred Tour Recap

This solo episode recaps my experience playing Warped Tour for the first time. To give the full spectrum of my experience, I recorded it in 3 segments- expectations from the night before, my thoughts immediately after leaving the venue, and some perspective and closure on the following night.


Episode 75 Joy Lane, Marysa Mavrakys, Brad Hartland, And James Boss

This week I hang out with Brad Hartland, comedians Joy Lane and Marysa Mavrakys, and James Boss from Babetalk. Joy talks late nights and crazy stories doing stand up, Marysa tells us about her upcoming live comedy game show, James talks about getting into heavy music despite a strict upbringing, and we all have a rousing discussion about penises.
Lastly, Joy teaches me all about hood living and we all learn some new terminology.

Episode 70: BFF’s Volume 6

In this week’s BFF episode I’m joined by Brad, Ryan, and Oli. We talk about the mob mentality of our over-offended culture, racial prejudice in the media, and unjust arrests. Then we tackle some real topics like picnic planning, the perceived value (or lack thereof) of music, and Pat joins us towards the end to talk about our ska-date to see Reel Big Fish and Less Than Jake last week.

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Episode 67: BFF’s Volume 5 with Naval Officer Pat, Brad Hartland, and Ryan Sweeney

In this episode, the boys are back for the first time since I had a baby.

We spend the first segment of the podcast trashing Ryan for having computer issues and a funny haircut, then move right along to quantifying the amount of poop that I’ve handled in the past few months, we talk relationships and methods of arguing and why toddlers are sociopaths.
Pat talks about having drinks with Parkey Posey and Zach Woods at fleet week and Brad talks about meeting Bill Clinton at a college campus and somehow not hooking up with him.
This is turning into a novel and that was all in the first 20 minutes. Just listen.
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Episode 66: Sergio Marzitelli

In this episode I sat down with Pennsylvania (by way of Miami) comedian Sergio Marzitelli. He tells me about waking up in his late 20’s and quitting coaching basketball to work as a comic and scriptwriter. We discuss small town crowds, when you write a joke/song so good you think you must have stole it, the importance of evaluating yourself honestly, overconfident performers, and we compare issues in the music scene with issues in the stand up scene. Also, I reveal my sitcom idea and profess my love for the guy who makes beats for ICP.

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Episode 65: Ashley Nicole

In this episode, I spoke with media specialist and fellow Babetalk panelist, Ashley Nicole. We discuss how to get an edge when applying for jobs/internships, Ashley tells me what it’s like to work for Tumblr and Property of Zack, and we gush non-stop about Jesse Cannon.

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Episode 61: BFF’s Volume 4

In this BFF episode I am joined by Brad and Ryan. I talk about my rebellious years and wearing jeans to the gym, and tell stories from going to my first open mic comedy night at the Sidebar in Baltimore. Ryan talks about a local hippy-jam-rock band that’s getting protested over their name- “Black Pussy” and brags about ‘building’ a headboard he basically bought from Lowes. And we all reminisce about our college radio show, debate comedic sensibilities, and learn what it’s like to spend one full minute inside my ADHD riddled head.

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