Brad Questions 004: Jeff Howard

Brad has some Questions for Jeff Howard, a stand-up comic performing in New York City. They talk about networking in the comedy world, performing for international tourists, and their love of Jerry Seinfeld.

Be sure to follow Jeff on Twitter, and check him out on August 17 at the Klimat Lounge in NYC.


Episode 67: BFF’s Volume 5 with Naval Officer Pat, Brad Hartland, and Ryan Sweeney

In this episode, the boys are back for the first time since I had a baby.

We spend the first segment of the podcast trashing Ryan for having computer issues and a funny haircut, then move right along to quantifying the amount of poop that I’ve handled in the past few months, we talk relationships and methods of arguing and why toddlers are sociopaths.
Pat talks about having drinks with Parkey Posey and Zach Woods at fleet week and Brad talks about meeting Bill Clinton at a college campus and somehow not hooking up with him.
This is turning into a novel and that was all in the first 20 minutes. Just listen.
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