Episode 79: Sergio Marzitelli, Matt Serniak, Brad Hartland, And Ryan Sweeney

In this episode, I hang with Sergio Marzitelli, Matt Serniak, Brad Hartland, and Ryan Sweeney. We share stories of Hell gigs and bombing, discuss Kanye West, and Ryan lands a joke that absolutely crushes me. #rekt (or something).

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Episode 78 Mike Moran, Ryan Sweeney, and Erwin Portillo

In this episode, I hang with Mike Moran, Ryan Sweeney, and Erwin Portillo. We talk hangover cures, the success of the Sidebar open mic night in Baltimore, national tragedies, and why society is actually getting better so we can all relax. I complain about the selfie generation, Mike talks about his fear of fish, and Erwin explains how white people’s hobbies are just as dangerous as living in the hood.
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Episode 74: Erwin Portillo, Rob Banks, Ryan Sweeney, and Naval Officer Pat

This week I hang with Erwin Portillo, Rob Banks, Ryan Sweeney, and Naval Officer Pat. We talk the importance of truth in art and the risks of controversy, Erwin tells us why comics are terrible people and the business of art, Rob talks about his decision between moving to LA or New York and loving the freedom of comedy, Ryan identifies the benefits of taking offense and fostering conversation, and I complain about comedy critics who can’t tell the difference between “funny” and “statement I agree with.”

Episode 72: BFF’s Volume 7

This week I sat down with Brad Hartland, Ryan Sweeney, Rob Banks, and Dan Ciarrocchi. We talk social politics, the reasons why musicians are horrible people, hipster fantasy football players, I ask Brad what he’s doing with his life, and we institute a policy where anytime someone wants to insult Ryan they have to compliment him instead.

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Episode 41: Ryan Sweeney

This week I speak with Ryan Sweeney about his job running social media marketing campaigns for large corporations. Ryan was a member of my first band back in college and he gives some great advice regarding the best ways that artists can use various social media outlets. He also shares stories of touring back in our college days and we talk about using the improv technique of ‘yes, and’ing to generate good stage banter.

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