Episode 81: Wapred Tour Recap

This solo episode recaps my experience playing Warped Tour for the first time. To give the full spectrum of my experience, I recorded it in 3 segments- expectations from the night before, my thoughts immediately after leaving the venue, and some perspective and closure on the following night.


Episode 48: BFF’s Volume 1 featuring Naval Officer Pat, Brad Hartland, and Ryan Sweeney

This week we have the first installment of my BFF podcast episodes that will go up once a month or so. These extra episodes stray from the interview format and I will have on past guests of varying backgrounds to discuss topics and bust each other’s balls.

Volume 1 has 3 of my best friends in the world, past guests Naval Officer Pat, Brad Hartland, and Ryan Sweeney.
We spend 10 minutes hurting each other’s feelings and eventually get around to discussing Warped Tour bands, bands who release the same songs in multiple formats, “casual” music listeners, and I tell a story about getting accosted by an unsuccessful Baltimore crack dealer.
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Episode 33: Dan Ciarrocchi

Dan Ciarrocchi, the former bassist and songwriter for the band Dropout Year and current fantasy football analyst, just won “Newcomer of the year” at this year’s Fantasy Sports Writer’s Association. On his first (and last) stop of his worldwide press tour, he sat down with me over Google Hangouts and told stories of his past as a semi-famous pop punk bassist and let me pick his brain about what it’s like to do fantasy sports for a living.
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Episode 16: Fighting Security Guards and Almost Famous Friends

Another solo Eric podcast! Eric talks about his trip to Boston, Parker Cannon’s fighting incident, Mike Hayden’s (of Count to Four) trip to Baltimore, seeing live stand up, and more!


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Episode 14: Recording Studios, Psychology, and Why I’m A Sociopath


This week I talk to myself for this special bonus podcast. I tell tales from the studio, explain why my friends think I’m a sociopath, and I talk psychology a little for the first time on the podcast. Also within- I burn bridges by accident probably.


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