Episode 75 Joy Lane, Marysa Mavrakys, Brad Hartland, And James Boss

This week I hang out with Brad Hartland, comedians Joy Lane and Marysa Mavrakys, and James Boss from Babetalk. Joy talks late nights and crazy stories doing stand up, Marysa tells us about her upcoming live comedy game show, James talks about getting into heavy music despite a strict upbringing, and we all have a rousing discussion about penises.
Lastly, Joy teaches me all about hood living and we all learn some new terminology.

Episode 63: Marysa Mavrakys

This week I speak with comedian Marysa Mavrakys about doing stand up in Indianapolis and Chicago, sketch writing at Second City, and gets very open about drawing material from her mother’s past drug abuse and having to become self reliant at an extremely young age. Subscribe to the podcast on YouTube.

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