Episode 80: Sergio Marzitelli, Mike Moran, Matt Serniak, and Brad Hartland

We are officially up to date on podcasts! From here on out the Eric Tries Too Hard Network (you read that right) will be posting our Sunday Comic Groupcasts live at 11am EST and they will go up on iTunes later int he day.

Each week we will also have 1-2 interviews with comedians, musicians, and the occasional special guest along with a handful of new podcasts that will be announced in August. By September we hope to have podcast episodes five days a week, Sunday-Thursday. Helping me accomplish this through hosting podcasts and working behind the scenes are my best friends Brad Hartland and Ryan Sweeney. They are great performers and snappy dressers.
Our official website will launch in the next few weeks, but for now you can hit up the link below to check out this week’s groupcast featuring Sergio Marzitelli, Mike Moran, Matt Serniak, and Brad Hartland! We swap stories about quitting jobs, recap the criticism we got from last week’s riff about condiments, discuss the new gang Matt joined, debate best Netflix movies for hooking up, talk about punk rock crowd etiquette, and discuss on Hulk Hogan, Warped Tour, and Hell gigs.
Watch and subscribe to the podcast on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCo-RfJvVg-7Ree1gur3BudA

Episode 78 Mike Moran, Ryan Sweeney, and Erwin Portillo

In this episode, I hang with Mike Moran, Ryan Sweeney, and Erwin Portillo. We talk hangover cures, the success of the Sidebar open mic night in Baltimore, national tragedies, and why society is actually getting better so we can all relax. I complain about the selfie generation, Mike talks about his fear of fish, and Erwin explains how white people’s hobbies are just as dangerous as living in the hood.
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Episode 77: Mike Moran

This week I speak with Baltimore stand up comic and host of the Digression Sessions podcast- Mike Moran. We talk about how to conduct a unique interview, general weirdness in our personalities, getting into comedy, and we riff on ideas of how Mike can use his job as an Uber driver to further his comedy career.

Listen to the Digression Sessions podcast here: http://digressionsessions.com/
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Episode 73: Justin Jones

This week I spoke with Baltimore comedian Justin Jones. We talked about wasted potential in artists, the Baltimore riots, not fitting in in high school, punk rock, and Baltimore comedy.

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Episode 66: Sergio Marzitelli

In this episode I sat down with Pennsylvania (by way of Miami) comedian Sergio Marzitelli. He tells me about waking up in his late 20’s and quitting coaching basketball to work as a comic and scriptwriter. We discuss small town crowds, when you write a joke/song so good you think you must have stole it, the importance of evaluating yourself honestly, overconfident performers, and we compare issues in the music scene with issues in the stand up scene. Also, I reveal my sitcom idea and profess my love for the guy who makes beats for ICP.

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Check out Sergio at Www.surgecomedy.com
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Episode 65: Ashley Nicole

In this episode, I spoke with media specialist and fellow Babetalk panelist, Ashley Nicole. We discuss how to get an edge when applying for jobs/internships, Ashley tells me what it’s like to work for Tumblr and Property of Zack, and we gush non-stop about Jesse Cannon.

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Episode 63: Marysa Mavrakys

This week I speak with comedian Marysa Mavrakys about doing stand up in Indianapolis and Chicago, sketch writing at Second City, and gets very open about drawing material from her mother’s past drug abuse and having to become self reliant at an extremely young age. Subscribe to the podcast on YouTube.

Check out more from Marysa: