Episode 79: Sergio Marzitelli, Matt Serniak, Brad Hartland, And Ryan Sweeney

In this episode, I hang with Sergio Marzitelli, Matt Serniak, Brad Hartland, and Ryan Sweeney. We share stories of Hell gigs and bombing, discuss Kanye West, and Ryan lands a joke that absolutely crushes me. #rekt (or something).

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Episode 77: Mike Moran

This week I speak with Baltimore stand up comic and host of the Digression Sessions podcast- Mike Moran. We talk about how to conduct a unique interview, general weirdness in our personalities, getting into comedy, and we riff on ideas of how Mike can use his job as an Uber driver to further his comedy career.

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Episode 73: Justin Jones

This week I spoke with Baltimore comedian Justin Jones. We talked about wasted potential in artists, the Baltimore riots, not fitting in in high school, punk rock, and Baltimore comedy.

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Episode 68: Rob Banks

In this episode I spoke with LA comic Rob Banks about doing open mics in LA, growing up on a farm, cocky feature comics, working as a background actor, and he educates me about getting “belligerent” at country concerts.

He also tells me about when he moved to LA and lived in the dining room of a house with 12 guys including a meth addict who lived in the closet and was somehow able to talk a girl into staying the night once.
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Episode 61: BFF’s Volume 4

In this BFF episode I am joined by Brad and Ryan. I talk about my rebellious years and wearing jeans to the gym, and tell stories from going to my first open mic comedy night at the Sidebar in Baltimore. Ryan talks about a local hippy-jam-rock band that’s getting protested over their name- “Black Pussy” and brags about ‘building’ a headboard he basically bought from Lowes. And we all reminisce about our college radio show, debate comedic sensibilities, and learn what it’s like to spend one full minute inside my ADHD riddled head.

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Episode 59: Doug Max

This week I spoke with New Jersey comedian Doug Max who walked me through the day he decided to start doing stand up- immediately after signing divorce papers. Doug tells me about what it’s like going into stand up as a single, older gentleman and we discuss topics such as open mics, babies, atheism, and how to tell if your marriage may be falling apart. Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes.

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Episode 56: Derrick Murray

This week I talk with comedian Derrick Murray about life as a stand up comic in California. We talk about the dangers of LA open mic’s, getting obsessed with comedy at a young age, and the common embarrassing mistakes artists make when they’re starting out. Derrick gets heavy and tells me about losing his religion. Lastly, Derrick tells me all about his nerd themed shows and I proclaim my love for Magic: the Gathering and rant about my theory on fake nerds.

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